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12 oz. $5.00  -  16 oz. $5.75  -  20 oz. $6.50

The Smore Dog:

Enjoy an amazing mocha made with Ghirardelli chocolate topped with flame torched marshmallows.

The Cougar Golden:

An amazing blend of caramel and coffee but with a twist! We use our special white coffee to add an extra kick to your step! (DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CAFFEINE)

The Dalmatian:

This is one of our favorites! Similar to a zebra coffee we use Ghirardelli milk and white chocolate with our signature espresso blend and your choice of milk.

The German Shepherd:

Just like its name the German Shepherd has hints of chocolate and caramel. This coffee starts off with our signature white coffee and has Ghirardelli caramel sauce and milk chocolate mixed throughout. (DOUBLE THE CAFFEINE)

The Golden Retriever:

Enjoy this white coffee white chocolate mocha with hints of vanilla bean, and brown sugar. (DOUBLE THE CAFFEINE)

The Naughty Dog:

Our community favorite! This Ghirardelli white and dark chocolate mocha is made with our amazing espresso blend. But, it doesn’t stop there. We add even more to this concoction with caramel sauce. Deliciously sweet!!!

Chow Chow Chai Tea Latte:

This delicious chai latte is like nothing you've had in Pullman. We use an authentic Indian Masala chai base with a hint of spice and nutmeg. We then add some delicious brown sugar syrup and locally sourced honey to your taste. 

London Dog Tea Latte:

The classic London Fog with a tiny twist. We add a hint of lavender and vanilla to fresh steeped Earl Grey tea and your choice of milk.

All specialty menu items include alternative milk and

whip cream in the price.

You can get any of these blended or on ice just ask your barista when you call in!



All of our coffee is locally roasted by the number one rated roaster in Eastern Washington. Tom Sawyer coffee has been roasting and brewing coffee for over 58 years and is exclusively sold at Pups & Cups and is roasted in small batches and using state of the art technology to ensure freshness. We pride ourselves in taking the time to give you not only the best tasting product in Pullman but the freshest.


Try out our drip coffee on your way to work. Every month we brew a different countries beans, such as Cambodia, Tanzania, Jamaica, and many more!!!

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