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We have some exciting news! We are moving to a new location on Main St. We are lucky enough to be moving from our tiny 800 sqft location to a 3200 sqft space with indoor dog park. We plan to have a soft open the week of December 21st 2020 so keep an eye out on social media over the next few days for more details! 


Do you really allow dogs inside? 

This is a tricky question and the short answer is yes, with exceptions. We do not allow NON-friendly dogs to come in. This means they must have passed basic TRAINING or GOOD CITIZEN training in order to be allowed in the off leash area. If they are just learning or have had trouble at the dog park before. They may not be a great candidate to bring into the shop. Don't worry though we have special private day events so don't hesitate to ask for more information via social media or in store.

Is it safe or unsanitary to consume food in your establishment while allowing dogs inside?

This is also a tricky question. We follow veterinary standard of care when cleaning and sanitizing our off leash area and use both human safe and veterinary grade cleaners to clean all surfaces several times a day. We also do not prepare any food inside our store where contaminates may get inside from that area.  We know that there may be some people who are allergic to dogs and have made it our upmost goal to ensure no cross contamination will occur. Each night we have a 2 hour cleaning routine that ensures that both humans and our four legged companions are as safe as possible. However we do understand that, just like someone who is highly allergic to gluten, they most likely would not go into the back of a bakers  shop and eat around a whole bunch of flour.  So if you do not feel comfortable with dogs being on premises we highly recommend the other two locally owned coffee shops within walking distance. Roost and Neill's Coffee are great places to support as well.

What if my dog is not dog friendly?

We unfortunately can not allow any non trained dogs to come into the new establishment. This is for the safety of not only our customers but your pet as well. We want everyone to have a good time and great first experience. Bringing your dog who may not have a good experience because of being fearful of other dogs or new situations will unfortunately, most of the time, make it worse. If you have any further questions or specific questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

What if my dog barks a lot or is really high energy?

We understand that some dogs may be pretty vocal or get super excited and we've created a few ways to help with that inside the shop by having a separate area for customers who want a more relaxed vibe not around the dogs, and an area with more high energy (off leash area). We do ask that you maintain complete control of your pets and ask that you calm them down when needed and take small breaks if they become too excited. We have installed pet hooks at every table for safety as well.

Pullman, WA

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