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Coffee, Tea, & Wine Bar

Fresh Brewed Coffee


Truly Great Coffee
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Truly great coffee begins with the bean and how it's processed. Before even beginning we tried espresso types and judged it based on smell, texture, and taste. If it didn't pass the pure espresso taste then how could we brew an outstanding coffee?

Furthermore, we wanted a small, local roaster who could cater to our customers' tastes. Made in batches of no greater than 50 lbs and delivered within 24 hours, computer-controlled to ensure exactness and only in blends customers prefer we offer a truly artisan coffee.


We started out as a coffee and tea company focusing on the bean and the different types of brewing options. Pour-over (slow and to your taste), espresso, espresso variety brews, french press, locally-sourced tea blends and our specialty- the blooming tea. This makes us different than other coffee shops- we give you an experience.

And since it is dog-friendly to all well behaved pups, not just ADA/comfort dogs, we couldn't forget the beloved companion. We offer a variety of dog-approved snacks made locally and just for your special friend.

Wine, Beer, Cheese & Meat Platters, & More!


We now offer a great tasting experience at our shop. Come in for a taste of the Palouse with over 13 different local wines, and 12 different local beers your taste buds will surely love you. Including our new tasting special that includes your choice of 4 different wines for only $13.00 per person.

This is all paired with our new tasting platters! Try a delightfully perfect variety of local meats and cheeses. Everything from Oregon Blue cheese, Cougar Gold, and Beecher's; to beautifully cured marbled meats, prosciutto, and summer sausage from U of I meats.

Charcuterie Board
Fresh Roasted Coffee
Why Local
Coffee Roasters Matter


Our coffee comes from the Tom Sawyer Country Coffee company located in Spokane, WA.  Mr. Sawyer has been involved with coffee himself for over 60 years and has really perfected the process to measure each roast to absolute precision.  He only uses the highest quality coffee bean and roasts the beans on location.  Unlike most other roasters who judge their roasts by sight, Mr. Sawyer uses a spectrometer to measure the amount of water in the roaster so that each batch is roasted to the precise level that it needs to be.  This method ensures that each batch is exactly the same and the quality never wavers. 

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